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The History Of Posy Rings

The History of Posy Rings

Long before today’s couples were engraving their engagement and wedding rings with initials, dates and short messages, lovers of old were engraving…

How To Upgrade An Engagement Ring

How to Upgrade an Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is probably one of your most special possessions. That is why there is nothing wrong with thinking about choosing…

Best Settings For Oval Diamonds

Best Settings for Oval Diamonds

Oval is one of the most brilliant and sparkly diamond cuts available on the market. Its elongated shape provides a slimming effect…

Why White Gold Turns Yellow

Why White Gold Turns Yellow

White gold is a durable and high-quality alternative to platinum. However, unlike the latter, it can change its colour over time and…

How To Tell If Gold Is Real

How to Tell if Gold Is Real

The desire for gold jewellery is one of the most deeply rooted instincts of people around the world. However, one of the…