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Discover the best insider tips on how to buy fine jewellery. Follow them, and finding a perfect diamond and other gemstone jewellery will never be a challenge again.

How To Tell If Gold Is Real

How to Tell if Gold Is Real

The desire for gold jewellery is one of the most deeply rooted instincts for people around the world. However, one of the…

How To Test Gold Purity

How to Test Gold Purity

As a symbol of ultimate value, gold is a precious metal that comes in a variety of colours and different levels of…

How To Choose Diamond Side Stones

How to Choose Diamond Side Stones

Setting your engagement ring with side stones enhances the centre stone, giving it a bolder look and highlights the overall beauty of…

How To Buy Diamond Rings Online

How to Buy Diamond Rings Online

Nowadays, many people skip going to physical jewellery stores. You can buy everything remotely, but with a big purchase, you might wonder…