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Discover our insider tips on how to buy colourless and fancy colour diamonds. Follow them, and selecting the perfect diamond will never be a challenge again.

Purple Diamonds Buying Guide

Purple Diamonds Buying Guide

While many of the basics of buying a diamond apply to all diamond types, they vary a bit among the different colours.…

History Of Transitional Cut Diamonds

History of Transitional Cut Diamonds

Transitional cut diamonds were the first round diamonds of their kind, featuring an unparalleled brilliance and precise symmetry pretty unheard of at…

Old Mine Cut Diamond Guide

Old Mine Cut Diamond Guide

Extremely popular during the 19th century, old mine cut diamonds were measured by eye and cut by hand. Notable for several key…

Diamond Blemishes: Types And Origin

Diamond Blemishes: Types and Origin

Diamond blemishes are clarity characteristics that can appear during the cutting, setting and wearing of a diamond. Their size, quantity and placement,…