Founded in 2018 by Lily Nadtochi, diamond and jewellery industry insider, Diamond Buzz is one of the leading blogs and social media hubs devoted exclusively to diamonds, gemstones and fine jewellery.

While many others focus only on promoting designs and designers, we focus on sharing our knowledge to inspire and encourage to make an informed purchase.

Diamond Buzz is a website for people who want to shop for diamonds, gemstones and jewellery like a pro. Thanks to the high-quality content and visualisation, our readers get the most relevant and useful information.

Our main mission is to educate, inspire and motivate. We bring the most useful tips into your world daily.

“The first stone of my deep passion was laid when I was just a child. I remember myself looking through magazines and examining each jewellery piece on models and falling in love with diamonds and jewellery. I think diamonds are in my DNA. There is no surprise I chose working in this industry when I grew up.

Today I can share my knowledge and tips with people of the same interests. I want to inform and inspire. People deserve to know what’s hidden behind the sparkles…”

Lily Nadtochi